Can't move on? Can't get over it?




 DON'T put up with how bad you really feel anymore!

Stop trying the same things that don't work and get a new skill set and recover!

YOU know that you feel bad and you always try hard not to, that myth of being strong is your inner emotional weapon of choice, along with their friends, keeping busy and waiting for time to heal or change you. The thing is they DON'T work. Not in the long run, in fact those myths start to affect your health, both physically and mentally.

That mask, the one you have convinced everyone is real is starting to slip. It gets exhausting having to pretend to be OK when inside you're screaming,

Things should NOT feel like this, this is not the way you are meant to feel. No matter what life has thrown at you, whether it's a divorce or bereavement, that event or set of events is NOT a life sentence. It just feels like it is.

You may feel like there is no end to the inner despair, waking up in the morning with dread is not the right start to your day. Success, money or other distractions can only work for so long before your relationships are affected. Marriages, relationships and those with your children.

No amount of money, exercise, positive mind set or accolades can take away that deep inner pain. They too are temporary distractions.

Grief or heartbreak are meant to be temporary but no-one has a clue what to do or say to you. This isn't because of you it's because the information you and everyone else has been taught about grief and heartbreak is wrong. 

Below are the common Myths of heartbreak you will often hear when you tell people you're hurting or just want to talk. They will probably sound very familiar to you.

  • Don't feel bad
  • Go and find another
  • Be strong
  • Think about how lucky you are
  • Just keep busy
  • Time heals you

A life of Inner Peace, Happiness and great love!

 How does a life of peace and neutrality sound? Imagine feeling peaceful and content with all that you are and have with a motivation to do what you choose as you decide, with no more procrastination or lack of motivation. The end of those up's and down's!

Your relationships will finally become the ones' you always wanted.

Start by reading the 1st chapter of my book or seeing me on facebook. I run a variety of programmes to help you go from where you are now into feeling completely free!


Freedom from your past is an incredible feeling. If you managed to have no reactions or bad feelings about what you have gone through before now, no triggers to set you off how would that change your life? Anger, regret and resentment all come from old places in your past.

Recovery does this!


Happiness exists in the present moment of now. It is not 'out there' in some obscure place. If you are not thinking or reliving your past or you're not looking into the future with anxiety, then what's left is now. Here is where peace is and the only place where happiness exists.

Recovery does this!

Great relationships

This is what we all ultimately strive for. Great relationships. Whether romantic, work based or family. Great relationships come from inside you first.

Once you work through your losses, you will see how profound the change is on all of your relationships

Recovery does this!


''Honestly, I don't know what my life would have been like if I hadn't met Victoria and done this incredible course with her. My mum had died and my relationship was going nowhere fast, with Victoria's guidance I recovered from the grief of losing mum and then through working on me, my relationship changed as well. Incredible and it didn't take years of therapy!''


Sara Collins - Business owner


''If I could make everyone do this course with Victoria I would. Unbelievable and life changing'' Erica James

Why me? 

This work changed MY life and I know if it can change mine it can change yours. I have had the best time since my own recovery from heartbreak making my life about helping other grieving and heartbroken people recover from loss and it's my passion...

This work is not therapy, it's not analysis, it's recovery. Recovery means living emotionally free from your past and all of the pain of what you have gone through so you can focus, live in the present, be happy and do what you wish with your life or your money with total enjoyment! Sounds too good to be true? Its not. Happiness and being present are the same thing and you can only be those things when you have dealt with those arguments in side your head, the past regrets and wishing you can change things. You can't change your past but you can change your now and then your future. Time does not heal you only actions do that and I want to help you recover from your loss, no matter what that is and help you to discover what it is to feel and be truly happy and emotionally free.

My childhood was marred by sexual abuse from my primary school headteacher, followed by as an early adult, divorce and single parenthood due to my husbands gambling. This was in the middle of my dad dying and going practically bankrupt due to the mess my then husband left me with. I would like to say it got better from then but it didn't. My mask of pretense was very solid and people thought I was sorted. I was teaching, a therapist and a big mess inside. There is more to my story but I hope that this background gives you an idea of where I have come from and how it is possible to feel free and happy and joyous no matter WHAT.

Once you work through the inside of you the outside parts of your life will start to change and transform in ways you wouldn't believe.

“For the first time in 35 years I feel free from my past and I am surprisingly happy and positive about life''”

3 day workshop participant

“I can't believe how much this course changed my past and me, my husband said he's fallen in love with me all over again”

VIP 1 2 1 participant

Remember that waiting to do something like this is the belief you are not ready or that time will heal you. It won't. Stop waiting and start to change things in your life today!

Your only regret will be that you didn't do this course a long time ago!